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The Story Of Hold My Hand

Ruqaiya Chamas lived in Jordan while setting up a representative office for her company in Amman, to cover broader Middle East area including Syria and Egypt. For the first time in her life she realized what it is to be a refugee, as Jordan was already accommodating hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees.

Syria erupted in 2011 and by the time Ruqaiya returned back to Dubai in 2013, Syria was already burning wide and deep. Every passing year only added to the miseries and horror of the Syrian people and at the heart of it was Syrian children. Haunted and tortured by the ongoing violence against innocent lives on daily bais, she with a group of friends finally decided to do something about it…whatever that can be done! In 2016 we connected with Mrs. Asma Rasamny of Malaak, in Akkar, north of Lebanon,  running a small informal education center for primary school children and Mrs. Nimat Bizri , working under the umbrella of social Support Society, running 3 schools in Be’qa valley in Lebanon.

Since then we have helped with the distribution of  general medicines, supporting a community kitchen at Malaak which gives one nutritious meal daily  to the children, distributing iftar meals and food baskets, supplying winter jackets to children but more than anything else we were able to support 51 children, many of them orphans,  whose school, food, and transport expenses were paid on monthly basis so that they can go to school and not wander around on the streets trying to look for some menial work.

Finally we founded Hold My Hand in Jordan to be able carry on with the work of supporting helpless and traumatized children who have nowhere to turn to. Under the umbrella of Hold My Hand We have a well -thought,  structured and organized program through which we can continue to take care of needy children.

We need you……..we need you to extend your hands to our children!

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