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X Mouse Button Control

X Mouse Button Control fast-dl download torrent

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Humble mice can do more than just click and click, and Control X-Mouse Button wants to unlock its full potential. This free utility lets you map new functions using the mouse buttons. Not only can he assign new tasks to each button, but also to make it sensitive in context, so button functionality on the software may not be the same as hardware.

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Use the X-Mouse Button Control buttonit may be a bit harder at startup: there are many options and interfaces, though clear to understand, do not hold your hand in the process of their appointment. However, it’s not easy, it’s quite versatile: you can create multiple profiles, each with its own set of functions. You can also create “layers” or set new commands in each file, which lets you use your mouse for different functions at different times.

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X-Mouse Button Control is a powerful interface customization tool for people who want to create different functions in one click. pressing their scroll wheel. It may be as frightening as new users, but it’s done to make it with many choices.

X Mouse Button Control

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