Our Team

We are doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, who are dedicated to serve and help as many children as we could….but more than anything else….. we are mothers, sisters, and daughters and this organization is our channel to help and heal…..and we hope that you would join us!

Ruqaiya Chamas

Founder: We are witness to the fact that founding an organization like Hold My Hand is a team effort. So headed by Ruqaiya Chamas, we are a group of hardworking, dedicated, sensitive and courageous women….mothers, sisters and daughters,  who just could no longer look the other way when millions of children are homeless, helpless, hungry, sick and without education. From Jordan, Hold My Hand is the voice of every such child!

Based in Dubai, a city with the culture of caring and giving, for last two and half years, Ruqaiya Chamas, with a group of friends, has worked with small community based organizations which run and manage informal schools to prepare the children to be able to join the public schools in Lebanon and Jordan.

Currently she is working as a Marketing Manager for a Dubai based company with offices in Dubai, Aqaba, and Amman.

Dr Tanweer Husain

A mother of four, a dentist by profession working in Dubai, Dr. Tanweer could not resist the urge of extending a helping hand to helpless and suffering refugee children. Although extremely busy with work and children, she puts time and effort to help the less fortunate children in whatever way she can. It is her way of showing gratitude for the blessings in her life.

Dr. Tasneem Dewaswala

A mother and an Ophthalmologist by profession working in Dubai, Tasneem not only manages to juggle her responsibilities in her personal and professional life, she also manages to share her time and energy to ease the pain and difficulties faced by refugee children. As a mother, helping a needy child gives her a sense of purpose in her life.

Kanwal Shahzad

As a CEO of Smart Digital Marketing, Kanwal is leading her successful digital marketing agency in Dubai. Kanwal is associated with British Columbia International Academy as a digital marketing trainer, helping youth shape up their future and attain financial freedom with a comprehensive training and Internship program. She is a life-long education advocate, helping children in diverse conditions pursue their education.
A mother of school going children and an entrepreneur, she is a strong believer of giving back to the society. She is blessed enough to have insight and the opportunities to be able to give back. Her goal is to feed the hungry around the world and educate the racially/ethnically diverse children.

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