Our Mission & Vision

Our Cause and Mission

Guardianship of orphans/needy children and Education for Every Child is our mission. We are trying to achieve this by acting as a bridge between a guardian member who would sponsor a child on monthly basis and the orphan/needy child. We act on behalf of the Guardian and look after the education, nutrition, safety, physical and mental health of the child. We have precise procedures in place to achieve this.

Our Vision

To achieve social and economic transformation for refugee population and underprivileged marginalized population of host country, in this case Jordan.  We believe access to primary and secondary education will open up ways and in turn would bring about a positive behavioral change towards each other between the refugee and host country population.

During 2018, our target is to be able to build up guardianship of 100 children and by the end of 2020 we plan to have at least 500 children under our care.  We would be able to make primary and secondary education along with vocational training, accessible to these children, while taking care of their nutrition and watching over their progress and safety.

We are dreamers……..we dream of a world where every child is fed well, healthy, clean and protected from all external aggressions, and would go to school with a smile on his face and sparkles in his eyes! Is it too lofty a dream?  Perhaps it is!.….but let’s just hold hands and take small steps together……and although an exhaustingly difficult terrain……we will find our way!

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