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OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice Writer free download torrent

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OpenOffice Writer is a simple application that lets you view and edit Microsoft Word documents.

The function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’)}}}; on some days you only need to create a document quickly.Microsoft Word. Or you can choose a simple application, lightweight options that are required to work quickly. OpenOffice Writer is the application. With this application, the OpenOfficeAllows you to easily and easily create text and image files. In addition, OpenOffice Writer is a useful tool for opening DOC files and other forms of Microsoft Word. You do not need to select Internet Options,Such as Google Docs, to open them.

Simple and effective OpenOffice Writer is easy to use: Click on the workspace and write, there are a few simple editing options (color, form, and source). No macros, recipes or other complicated functions.And to be honest, I use the most in almost no cases. OpenOffice writer also works as a good reader, successfully completing any compatible document.

Start editing in a few seconds OpenOfficeWriter is a great choice if you want to edit simple documents right away. Do not expect an alternative to Word, but a small scheme to do its job.

OpenOffice Writer

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