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OpenAl software delivers a three-channel, three-dimensional positioning sound because it’s a multi-platform API. The style of its API plus API Conventions is deliberately designed to look like OpenGL. It started in 2000 and was used intelligently by NVIDIA nForce Creative Technology Part of the audio software. Current versions of OpenAl are user-defined, but earlier versions were open source. Instead of using custom systems like A3D and EAX, you canYou use OpenAsol instead. This is a 3D sound library created to replace 3D sound systems such as A3D and eax. This is an advanced software that is very good at manipulating sound, especially when used with 3D sound systems. The current software is proprietary, but you can open a source version called the “soft” version that you want to capture with the code (function () {(app review page) For example, if you play a game,You can simulate dimming if the sound disturbed at a certain distance appears to have some degree of realism with the Doppler effect, where the frequency of the sound changes due to the movement and / or density of the material.


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