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NBA 2K14

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Each year, when the NBA season kicks off, all basketball fans come to the new 2014 NBA 2K14 Edition, the best basketball simulator ever. Ian 2014 includes LeBron James, who focuses on gameplay and the long-awaited arrival of the Euroleague teams celebrates. But these new additions make NBA2K14 the best basketball ever? (Function {) {(“review-app-page-desktop”);}) LeBron James, this year’s Star NBA 2K has its own player, this time LeBron James. Miami Hezezvezda is presentIn the whole game, from the front page to the video that supports music with basketball, in LeBron: The road to great fashion in which you will lead your career. Just as the NBA 2K11 regime was dedicated to Michael Jordan, 2K14 gives you the opportunity to lead the career of LeBron James. The difference is that you will not experience the first stages of LeBrons’ career, as we do with Jordan, but you will be with him in his last victories.
DMG Extractor Download Free Torrent NBA 2K14 allows you to be between the twoIn the first case, LeBron will stay with Miami Heat to reach the top of his career, or in another, Hell has joined the second team. In both cases you will face many challenges with LeBron, which can boast statistics of almost 99%. Unfortunately, this mode is nothing but a conflict of games whose scenario is too linear to convince. It would be much better if you could choose a Lebron team, but you could not… Another important innovation of the NBA2K14 is the arrival of the 14th Euroleague. Can you forget LeBronie in games with FC Barcelona, ​​CSKA Moscov, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and other great European teams? In this case, you must follow the rules of the European league so that the three-second NBA disappears in the end. What we do not like is that you have to slow down to play a fast game in the absence of games that are completely Evolige.NaysemsemFashion, we should not forget two new opcijesu In addition to the game, which was already permanent. NBA2K14 still has all the classic franchise modes: Mi Plaier, Mi Career, Online Mode and Workouts. This fashion has not developed, but those who have made this game have been NBA is the number one we all know. On the other hand, the My Team mode has returned. That way, you can participate in online tournaments with your friends and the player,created in “My Payier” mode. The big sensation of the NBA 2K14 game includes several improvements in the game. pay attention to the most important thing when you use the controller to play because it requires the use of an analog stick (Pro Stick) with which you can do anything with the ball: show-stop or pull. These changes make the game available to new players and provide more intuitive controls. However, you must pay attention to the analog headlightDo not hold it too long if you want to do a wrong shot because you run the risk of doing something wrong. If you use it together, the left trigger, joystick allows you to pass the srodnicima.Korisnici easily, you can apply additional changes to block the ball or pass (between the legs, back, a jump). The locking system is perfect and we like it because it allows you to put the ball and block (blocks)capture. There are no ghosts blocking the ball! Artificial intelligence is also perfect, making it much harder to break through the defense. It is more durable and better positioned to cast around free zone, so it will be harder to overcome. Since then, not only the big players who want to play basketball, they must find a place and true combinations to throw the ball or beat blocker, when you press the button, you can tactical and gray circleTo get help on the field, gdziegracz ball or one of its participants should have a better chance of achieving the goal, and experience with NBA 2K14 they are great with a wide range of strategies and control.

Watching TV has always been one of the main advantages of the NBA 2K series. Visual Conceptsstara every year to provide an experience that is just like the NBA games on TV u.Uvodne scene, show viewers fans and commentators of the 3000 new animations,the ekrana.Nove players: your emotions or frustrated after wielkiUderzone bank after a bad pass. Those who enjoy watching NBA games can even see it moving and tuning some players due to traffic signatures. In addition, the NBA 2K14 has fixed some bugs, especially in blocks and jumps (before the late ball). Now everything works and the players reactmore realistic in every situation. As for the soundtrack, LeBron chose the song list. Kanye West, Nas, Daft Punk, Gorillaz and others will accompany you into the prose of commentators Steve Kerr, Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg. As always, NBA 2K14 is the only Englekom.igraNBA best basketball 2K14 is not a big step forward, but had still solid, offering a unique sense of animation that will provide more realism and were pleased to see the arrival of the Euroleague teamsto see, despite the lack of NBA 2K14 dedykowanegra is really the best basketball game? Yes, and easy to understand why, because this is the only good game available at the end of the NBA series. EA Sport, however, may decide to run the PC version of the game, which is back to PS4 and Xbox One after all these years. Golden Age NBA 2K14 that could end soon!


NBA 2K14

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