How can you help?

1.Become a Guardian Member for a child by paying USD 50 per month, per child.
Under this plan, Hold My Hand will act as a guardian and carry out following activities on your behalf:

i) We establish a communication with the caretaker of the child.
ii) To help the child register at an education center in the same area.
iii) Work closely with the teachers to monitor the attendance and progress of the child at the school.
iv) If the teachers see the signs of PTSD, in the child, then Hold My Hand would arrange for the child to be treated by a trained and qualified psychologist.
v) Look after the nutritional needs of the child by either providing a prepared meal to the child or a food basket to the child’s family on monthly basis, whichever is practical and appropriate.
vi) Issue a report on the progress of the child once in 6 months.
Note: Hold My Hand would issue a certificate of appreciation, if you complete the guardian membership for a period of 1 year continuously.

2. Additionally you can help in the following ways:

i) Pay towards transport expenses
ii) Pay towards the rent expense
iii) Pay for school expense
iv) Pay towards teacher’s salaries
v) Pay towards buying food for the children
a) Milk powder for babies
b) Food baskets
vi) Pay towards medical expenses
vii) Pay towards books and stationary
viii) Pay for monthly phone and internet

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