During our interactions with refugee communities over a period of last 2 years, we have learnt firsthand that the vulnerable of the most vulnerable are children! So we have decided to focus all our efforts and energies to create a safe and violence free living and learning environment for these children.

We have developed our own unique methodology to achieve this.  In a nutshell we do the following:

i) We establish a communication with the caretaker of the child.

ii) We register them with a nearby informal school or public school, whatever matches with the education level of the child

iii) We work closely and collaborate with education centers/schools to watch over the attendance and progress of the child and prepare a 4 monthly report, which can be shared with the guardians, if they wish to do so.

iv) If the teachers in the school identify any psychological or behavioral  problem exhibited by the child, we make arrangements to send the child to a center of psychological development in Amman , if needed.  

v) We look after the nutrition of the child by either providing at least one prepared meal or a food basket to the family on monthly basis, whichever is more useful and practical.

Hold My Hand is fundamentally working to look after orphans but the situations on the ground are not always black and white. For example we have on our list, a brother and a sister whose father is alive but struggles to even stand up firmly because he is suffering from cancer.  So although orphans are at the core of our program, we do include orphan-like children with sick parents.

We work closely with “Hapiness Again”, a beautiful center for psychological development,where the children are examined and offered a remedial and healing program not only by  qualified pschologists but by visiting professionals as well. It is an intense effort trying to bring a traumatized child back to normalcy….. It is a journey filled with tears and smiles!

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