‘‘Hold My Hand” has its focus on the education and nutrition of refugee, orphans and very poor children. We work with different local organizations to achieve this goal and one such organization is “Women Khraibat Al souq Charity Association, registered with the ministry of social development of Jordan(since 1997), based in Amman.
We are working towards setting up a computer lab, at the premise of Women Khraibat Al souq Charity Organization, where the classes would be conducted by the trained teachers/volunteers provided by “ I Learn”, Jordan, (www.ilearn.edu.jo) in the following categories.

  1. Languages ( Arabic and English)
  2. Computer courses
  3. Life skills
  4. Arts

One module would have 12 lessons in each category and the children would go through assessments and be given appropriate certificates. Additionally, children with excellence are chosen as leaders and trained and educated further in the area of their interest.

We need 11 computers and a printer and a laser pointer.

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