Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines download

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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines download

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Commandos: The back of Adversary Lines is a tactical game used during World War II where you take control of the command team to perform different missions. Each member of your command unit has the different options you need to use to preventdestruction of enemy weapons, killing of targets, rescue partners, etc. The geometric view of the game shows the whole map once, so you can plan your strategy as soon as possible. Take the Challenge: Go Back to the Adversary Theme is an exciting game,which requires careful care and strategy. Unlike many game strategy games, however, it works in real time and requires you to plan and implement your plans quickly. You need the unique skills of each member of your six-man team to complete the goalsyours. Executives are trying, but there is almost no better chance if you find that the mission is hit. Solving the message can be a process of desperate experience and error, but the victory is very good. The only obstacle is that every message has basically the right decision,once you have done so, there is little value for recovery. (Features () {(“desktop application view”);});

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

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