Angry Birds Rio 32-Bit download

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Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio 32-Bit download

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If you like Angry Birds, you’ll love Angry Birds Rio, a new step in the game to watch Angry Birds Brazil!

Bird Help (feature () {(“apt-page-desktop view”)}); Angry Birds Rio follow the same texture of the original game, but this time the angry birds save the catch their poor brothers hindrRio de Janeiro. Your task is to help birds escape by bombarding cages and destroy all the obstacles along the way, including funny – but bad – marmots!

Like all the Angry Birds, Rio is almost the same as the original, but as we see,Just because it’s a simple idea can not make it less addictive. If you like the first one, you will love the tasty and bright colors of Rio Angry Birds, while the familiar gameplay means punching birds and harassing them before you know them.

StylesCarnival Angry Birds Rio is a combination of color and attention in the game we already know and love.

Angry Birds Rio

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