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Imagine trying to run away to safety while bombs are raining in and bullets are chasing……not able to turn back to see who in the family is already dead ….just trying to save the ones alive! Imagine being considered lucky if arrived in a foreign country……physically and emotionally broken! Imagine collective shelters…. imagine lining up for hours to use a toilet….imagine the privacy of young girls protected by a hanging blanket or plastic sheets…… imagine old and young…injured and sick lying on cold and wet floors…imagine hunger, thirst, pain, and humiliation……imagine the world of a refugee!

Since the start of the war seven years ago, more than 5 million Syrians have become refugees and over 50 percent of them are children! Rise above and beyond Nationality, Religion and Ethnicity…….Let’s just be human and extend a helping hand!

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Those of us who are blessed with comforts of life, family, safety and dignity need to stand up in solidarity with the refugee families. Remember, we are only one group…Humans! And we need to rise above and beyond Nationality, religion, and ethnicity. So let’s stand together and touch them with our healing hands!

Welcome to…Hold My Hand!

Hold my hand is a non-profit organization, registered under Jordanian Law. At the core of our activities is the Guardianship of orphans/needy children. We work closely with schools attended by our children on one hand and with psychological support centers on the other, to help traumatized children cope up better with their lives. Almost 80 percent of these children have experienced death in the family and are deeply traumatized. . Read More

What does the “Guardianship of an orphan/needy child” means for our work?

Guardianship of orphans/needy children is at the heart of our work. Since our resources and capabilities are limited, we are trying to prioritize and focus our efforts on the most vulnerable group of the refugee families ….and that means children!

These children have experienced unimaginable violence and brutality, which a child should never experience. They have seen death and destruction, which a child should never see. They are brutalized, traumatized, and their basic rights violated beyond imagination. There is a need to hold their hands with love and care……bring them in to safety and protection…..bring them in to schools…..so that one day they might have a chance to integrate with the society as positive citizens. This is the objective of the “Guardianship of an Orphan/needy child” program.

Education Support

Nutrition Support


Psychological support

Syria in Stats

7 Years of War
Syrians refugees displaced from their homes.
Syrian Children displaced from their homes.
Source: UNHCR, 2018
0 %
Refugees live outside formal camps and have to pay for their rent, food, & other daily life necessities
0 %
and more are below the poverty line, without livelihood opportunities, living under appalling Conditions!
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